Mastering is the crucial final stage of any project, preparing the record for release. 


If you would like hear what your track will sound like mastered Gareth offers a free sample master for any new clients.


To hear what a difference the mastering process can make have a listen to the before and after examples below. 



Single Song £30 / $45

EP Package (5-6 songs) £130 / $185 

Album package (10-12 songs)  £250 / $350


*all prices shown in GBP & USD and include VAT. Rates are based on an unattend session.

File Preperation

To prepare your files ready for mastering please read the check list below: 


• All songs need to be .wav or .aiff, 44.1kHz (or higher) 24bit 

• Final unmastered mix needs to have at least -8db headroom

• Save all songs to a folder labelled with the artist name 

Sending Files

To send files for mixing we recommend using Dropbox or WeTranser as they allow large files to be shared or sent. 

* If you have any questions regarding any of the above please email